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 Aussie Custom Golf uses only the finest quality golf equipment from the world’s leading golf club head manufacturers including Grindworks, Kamui Pro, A.Japa Shafts, Matrix Drivers, Piranha Golf,  Epon Forged, Miura Golf and Tom Wishon Golf Technology as well as distributing Golfmechanix Clubmaking Tools and Supplies and Training Aids.  We also have access to most products from budget clubs to the finest in high-end equipment from the world's best manufacturers which so many people are not aware of.  If there is a particular brand that you are interested in which is not listed in our shop please contact us for availability and a complete a personal fitting interview form.

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Featured Products

All heads, shafts and grips are assembled in our workshop after completing a personal fitting session with a thorough assessment of your swing movements as well as analysing your existing (old) clubs. So that we can pinpoint the necessary changes in all specifications and due to the wide variety of head and shaft combinations and the individuality of the fitting process, it is imperative that we choose equipment carefully and that you contact us directly for fitting.....that is why there are some products in our shop where we cannot advertise prices. 

Our range includes titanium drivers, stainless steel drivers and woods, irons, wedges and putters. Custom fitted golf clubs allow you to take control of your game. Building your golf clubs from scratch using the best head, shaft and grip combination gives you the advantage of constructing a club that will work in harmony with your individual swing tendencies. Mixing and matching creates the total compliment of clubs to support your game. i.e. Drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, long irons, medium and short irons, wedges and putters - each facet of the game having a unique fitting process. Technology now allows us to match clubs by frequency, moment of inertia, swingweighting or a blend of each depending on your individual needs.

Need more spin? Less spin? Higher launch angle or perhaps lower? Looking for a design that has a longer look to it from heel to toe? maybe just a deeper face? Heavier club for accuracy? Lighter club for more distance? Drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters - you can have it anyway you like it, right down to the colour of the heads.We have the latest in analytical equipment in our workshop and we are able to analyse your golf swing and suggest the most appropriate golf clubs for you.

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