Why Do It

The importance of having golf clubs built for you is well documented these days...The top professionals do it so why shouldn't you? Often we get the comment "I'm not good enough for it to make a difference" and that is far from the truth. The benefits of having a set of golf clubs with the correct head design, shaft weight and flex, grip type and thickness, loft and lie settings can be enormous.

Without getting technically over the top there are some essential things to look at when getting fitted....strength, swing speed, tempo, wrist release, posture, angle of attack, swing direction, etc, etc. Just because somebody is the same height and build does not necessarily mean they can be comfortable with each others golf clubs...it can be like wearing someone elses shoes. We often see at fitting sessions the age factor is considered as a means of assessing shaft weight and flex ..not a good idea for a 55 year old ex footballer who works out every day and swings his driver at 110mph.

Aussie Custom Golf is committed to providing a service of quality clubfitting and building to ensure that the customer is given the best possible chance of realising their potential and enjoying the game of golf.